Threepwood Consulting – Energy Explainer

After the guys from Threepwood Consulting reached out to me, I’ve immediately started to look for more info on how energy is supplied to cities and the steps needed to get the energy from the power stations to the domestic users and so on. They’ve supplied a brief on what their services are and I had to find a creative solution for an animated video that addresses some important info about what they can provide.
I sketched a basic city layout, figured out how I want everything placed on the distribution chain, adjusted a few things, got an okay from the client and then I went for a final look. Here you have some images taken during the production process, most without the basic texturing added later.

The client only wished for two main colors to show on the presentation: purple and green, on my own choosing. So I went for green for transportation (the train and the cars) and purple on everything else (power station, industrial building etc.). We also had a couple of shots which we ended up not using, like the one below with the purple building in the morning, when lights begin to pop-up in people’s apartments.
This was a great experience with the typical professional British client that knows exactly what he wants but also knows how to listen to suggestions along the way to the finish line.