Short Story of the Giocoso String Quartet

Contacted by the guys from the Giocoso String Quartet, we decided we would synchronize our schedules in order to make a short presentation of them when they arrive from Vienna to Bucharest for a series of concerts. I directed and shot the film, and then did the overall design. These guys trusted me enough and gave me 100% freedom to do what I wanted, and this is what came out of it.
After they sent me some audio recordings of them, I started planning the shoot for their arrival as a one-man-band. We filmed before, during and after two of their concerts, and got to some trouble when in the last minute the stage we booked to film the interviews got cancelled. So I had to step up and yes, we filmed it in a hurry at my house. Now we had no lights, background, but also were very time restricted. Before that, I had some fun playing with on-camera light leaks while they practiced, which I absolutely loved even though it was difficult to film. Also, I liked shooting some sweet sweet macros.
After everything was done and the guys left the country, I got back to working on the project and did the editing. After some longer cuts, I finally got it down to 9 minutes and 23 seconds. It was a very draining process, as I felt much of the stories were beautiful and deserved being in the film. Had to fix some “camera shyness” by some of the guys and still give each one of them equal amounts of time to speak their thoughts in the video. They are an amazing group formed by extraordinary talented people. I loved being around them in their environment, laugh with them and share the amazing thrill before a concert. I also chose to do some slo-mo for a few shots in post, but the fact that I planned that during filming really helped.
After finishing the intro montage, I worked on completing the title by turning the concept I had in mind into reality. I wanted to create something simple but yet also able to contain the information I wanted the screen to show (the title itself is pretty long). I then started working on compositing, getting 2D and 3D elements together. I previously asked the guys to send me photos of them documenting their journey in music since they first started, and used them in various shots throughout the video. For their name presentations, I put together different layouts containing information about their quartet and some other general info related to our subjects.


Big thanks to Teo, Adrian, Bas and Sebastian for giving me the opportunity to do art whilst having great fun. Cheers!