Party Collective – Atinge

Music video I worked on back in 2013. The director approached me to edit a small concert of the band, and while in the process they decided to film some other scenes so that I were to now to do a music video. While totally unplanned and improvised by the crew, this is what the finished product turned out to look like. I was responsible with post production.
Here are some “before & after” stills. I had to work with some underexposed shots and had to correct a lot of shots with the wrong white balance set, to try and make the video look somewhat better. I cleaned some faces, sharpened details and added some lights to make the whole thing look livelier and more like a club and not like the ballroom that it was.
Sadly I didn’t have freedom at all, as I had to work strictly on the improvised script and do my best on it as it was.