Ivee – Baby you need me

My task on this one was to turn a basic music video shoot into something more in post, which I tried my best to do. This time I was the second guy that was approached for this project, after the initial edits received by the managers were rejected. After some basic fixes that took more than it had to because the video was shot at a wrong framerate for TV distribution and some issues in audio/video syncing, I was given the green light on doing whatever I thought was fit for the song & video.
Even though it was already filmed and I had to stick to the shoot of a plan that got sacked (enough apologies already, man!), I started thinking about the overall mood I wanted the music video to express. “Cheesy” was not a good cut, so I tried my best to stick to a simple design, clean, with some projections based on the song’s intensity and Ivee’s (now Freia, the artist whose music I definitely cannot love enough) facial expressions. The most fun I’ve had was at the song’s climax at 2:00, when I went for a faster pace in editing and played with multiplications, shot compositing and lights. Even though the music video for “Baby you need me” never got to be released because of third-party complications, it was in the end a pleasure to work at.