Chriss Casper – I got u

Inspired by Casper‘s musical box intro playing the Romanian national anthem, I decided to go with somewhat a retro feel, a VHS image and kind of 80’s title design which I am in love with. When I was approached to work on this project it was already shot, so I had a limited amount of ideas that could work on what was already in front of me. Also had some nasty frame rate issues as it was shot in 23.97 fps and I needed it to be in 25 fps in order for the final video to be broadcast by TV music stations.
I added the first shot from my personal archive, one of the time-lapses I photographed a couple of years ago in Bucharest. I went with the Palace of the Parliament because it is a great symbol of communism and helps with the retro feel I wanted to go with. I added a few mirror effects and some graphical stuff, motion elements that I felt compelled would be needed to play along with the music. Also felt that some of the shots would work great if I mixed them using some double exposure using masks and rotoscoping. The mountain and city shots also needed to be stabilized in order for me to be able to create those mirrored worlds look, as the camera was almost constantly moving and I wanted it still.
All in one, I liked this project and it was a pleasure not freezing my a** of for this shoot like the camera men and artist had to.